KSOH 2212 Indoor Single Phase Low voltage window type current transformer

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KSOH 2212Indoor single-phase window type current transformer. The single-phase window current transformer is designed for sliding or plugging onto the insulated cable in the switchgear (e.g. SIEMENS). The electrical designs are intended for digital UMZ/AMZ protection devices and for conventional protection and measurement purposes. The cores with secondary winding are encapsulated in a plastic housing (moulded insulating part) in a single operation. The primary conductor is formed by the system-side cable. The secondary outlets are flexible, insulated connecting cables. The length of the outgoing cables is specified by the customer (e.g. 3.6m). The connection designations are marked every 0.3m on the last 1.2m: k/S1 and l/S2. Available under the designation 4MC4662 for SIEMENS.

 - according to DIN VDE 0414 and IEC 61869-1 and 2
 - Instrument transformers with declaration of conformity acc. to MessEG
 - max. 4 cores possible (depending on core data)
 - Design as single-phase toroidal current transformer: toroidal core as carrier of the secondary winding, current path corresponds to primary winding
 - free of dielectrically stressed cast resin parts (due to design).
 - Indoor current transformers, tropical insulated
 - suitable for plugging onto PE cable Ø 120mm

Primary current: 50 ... 2500A, secondary current 1A (or 5A)
 On request two current values (e.g. 300 - 150A) by means of secondary tapping

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(E) KSOH 2212 Indoor single-phase window type current transformers, indoor application

possible design options:

KSOH 2212, height 120 and 80mm, connecting cable DIN 57281 H07V-K1X4, length according to order (PO)

Additional Information

Place of Manufacture Made in Hungary
Indoor Application Yes
Single Phase Yes
LV Instrument Transformer Yes
For Tropical Ambient Yes
Ambient Temperature -5 ... +70°C Yes
Declaration of Conformity Yes
Mounting in any Position Yes

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