GDW 12 | 24 Indoor Bushing Type Current Transformer

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GDW 12 | 24 Indoor Bushing Type Current Transformer for Indoor application 5 A to 150 A, The current transformers are fully encapsulated in brown epoxy resin. The active part consists of one or more toroidal cores with homogeneously applied secondary winding and a primary winding. The secondary terminal box can be sealed. Specifically realizable rated powers of the individual cores depend on the number of cores, class accuracy, rated current and overcurrent number..

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GDW 12 | 24 Indoor Bushing Type Current Transformer. At low rated currents up to approx. 150 A, a primary winding in the GSW causes an increase in the AW number, as a precondition for the economical realisation of common core data. Several nominal primary currents can be realized by means of primary switching 1:2 (GDW 12, GDW 24). Each secondary terminal has the possibility of direct screw-thread grounding. On delivery, the first terminal of each core is visibly connected to earth. The terminal box offers space for 6 secondary terminals, so that a maximum of three cores can be supplied in one transformer. The mounting position is variable..

Additional Information

Place of Manufacture Made in Germany
Indoor Application Yes
MV Instrument Transformer Yes
MV Protection Transformer Yes
Secondary Tap Yes
For Tropical Ambient Yes
Ambient Temperature -5°C ... +40°C Yes
Overlaod Capability ext. 120% Yes
Declaration of Conformity Yes
Mounting in any Position Yes
Cast Resin Insolation Yes
Ground Connection Clamp Yes
Insulating Material Class E (120°C) Yes

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