EVBA x06 Electronic Voltage Transformer

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EVBA x06 electronic voltage transformer. The electronic voltage transformer EVBA x06 measures direct, alternating and mixed voltages with high accuracy for e.g. motor management and power quality analysis. Its area of application are medium voltage installations, which require the voltage divider to be independent of the connected burden. The EVBA x06 is an alternative to conventional voltage transformers once the primary voltage contains DC components and/or higher frequencies.
Available Versions
EVBA 006 Stand-alone electronics
EVBA 906 with GSER 16, up to 36 kV
EVBA 1006 with GSER 52, up to 72,5 kV
EVBA 1106 with GSER 3, up to 6 kV
EVBA 1206 with GBERA 12…36, up to 36 kV

Size (L x W x H, electronics) 175 x 80 x 57 mm
Weight (electronics) approx. 750 g

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Electronic Voltage Transformer EVBA x06.

The EVBA x06 system consists of a low-power passive voltage transformer (passive LPVT) and a buffer amplifier. The voltage divider inside the passive LPVT transforms the primary voltage Up to a low voltage, which is processed inside the electronics. For this processing, the auxiliary power supply Ua is required. Various protection devices make sure no high voltages can damage the electronics and the secondary equipment, since there is no galvanic isolation between the primary and secondary terminal. The buffer amplifier makes the passive LPVT Independent of the connected burden and allows the output signal to be fed into more than one secondary equipment, thus extending the performance of the passive LPVT. Conforms to standard IEC 60044-7

Additional Information

Indoor Application Yes
Mounting Position upright position
Place of Manufacture Made in Germany
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