GBERA 12 ... 36 Low-Power Passive Voltage Transformer

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GBERA 12 ... 36 Low-Power Passive Voltage Transformer for DC, AC and mixed voltages in medium voltage applications up to 36 kV. Due to its wide frequency range up to 150 kHz it is ideally suited for PQ measurements. In combination with power analyzers it is used in engine test benches. Protective functions can also be implemented.
No auxiliary current required, large bandwidth,
Overall height depends on connection type
Rated primary voltage, Upr 30/√3 kV
Rated secondary voltage, Usr 3.25/√3 V
Primary connection Outside cone type A, B or C B or C according to EN 50181
Secondary connection up to 10 m coaxial cable RG 58 C/U with BNC connector
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GBERA 12 ... 36 Low-Power Passive Voltage Transformer, consists of an ohmic voltage divider (R1, R2), which divides the primary voltage Up into a proportional secondary voltage Us. An electromagnetic shield ensures that the voltage sensor can also be used in environments with strong interference influences. Since there is no potential separation between the primary and secondary sides, a overvoltage arrester protects the downstream devices. Conforms to standard IEC 61869-11.

Additional Information

Indoor Application Yes
For PQ Measurement Yes
Mounting Position upright position
Place of Manufacture Made in Germany

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