GSZS 12 / 24 Indoor Voltage Transformers, Narrow Design, DIN 42600, part 9

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GSZS 12 / 24 (12...24 kV) Indoor voltage transformers, narrow design, DIN 42600, part 9. The indoor voltage transformers are cast resin insulated.

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GSZS 12 / 24 Indoor voltage transformers, slim design, DIN 42600, part 9, double pole insulated. Primary winding and core with secondary winding(s) are cast with epoxy resin in one operation (full encapsulation). The secondary terminals are located in a terminal box, which can be sealed in the case of revenue metering purpose. The mounting position is variable. 

Additional Information

Indoor Application Yes
Disign Narrow Design
Double-Pole Insulated Yes
MV Instrument Transformer Yes
Secondary Tap Yes
Ambient Temperature -5°C ... +40°C Yes
Declaration of Conformity Yes
Mounting Position any position
Place of Manufacture Made in Germany

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