VES 12 | 17,5 | 24 Indoor Voltage Transformer, single-phase, Narrow Design

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VES 12|17,5|24 Indoor voltage transformer, single-phase, narrow design. The cast resin insulated indoor voltage transformers are supplied in the following designs: The standard versions according to DIN 42600 have the additional designation -01 (e.g. VES 12-01). Variants of the standard versions are marked with continuous additional numbers.

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VES 12|17,5|24 Indoor voltage transformer, narrow design. The voltage transformers are fully encapsulated, i.e. high voltage, secondary winding(s) and core are encapsulated in one process. The insulation consists of epoxy resin and simultaneously forms the moulded body including the terminal box. The installation position is variable. Information on minimum distances between the phases and between earthed plant components cannot be made generally, as these depend on the installation conditions. The transformer can be earthed via the earthing screw at the rear or directly by connecting the base plate to the earthed frame of the switchgear.

Additional Information

Indoor Application Yes
Disign Narrow Design
MV Instrument Transformer Yes
Secondary Tap Yes
Earth-Fault Detection Yes
Ambient Temperature -5°C ... +40°C Yes
Declaration of Conformity Yes
Mounting Position any position
Place of Manufacture Made in Germany
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