GIFS 12 | 17,5 | 24 | 36 Outdoor support Type current transformer standard design

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GIFS 12 | 17,5 | 24 | 36 Outdoor support Type current transformer standard design. Type GIFS double core Current Transformer for metering / protection purposes and for rated currents up to 1250 A. A primary reconnection 1: 2 is available (up to 2 x 300 A).
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GIFS 12 | 17,5 | 24 | 36 Oudoor Current Transformer Suport Type Compact Design are cast resin insulated. Primary winding as well as the core(s) with secondary winding are molded in one single process with epoxy resin, which has been processed under vacuum. The secondary terminals are located in a sturdy terminal box made of cast aluminium. For metering transformers this terminal box can also be sealed. Primary terminals are optionally inserts, or terminal pads. Routine Tests: The routine tests include ratio-error and phase-angle-tests, induced and applied voltage tests and partial discharge tests. These tests are done in accordance with DIN EN 61869-2 (except when other standards have been agreed upon).

Additional Information

Single Phase Yes
MV Instrument Transformer Yes
MV Protection Transformer Yes
Primary Reconectable Yes
Multi-Core Transformer Yes
Ambient Temperature -5°C ... +40°C Yes
Overlaod Capability ext. 120% Yes
Differential CT Yes
Declaration of Conformity Yes
Mounting Position up right Yes
Cast Resin Insolation Yes
Insulating Material Class E (120°C) Yes

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