GSWF 10...72,5 (12 - 72,5kV) Outdoor current transformer, Support Type Transformer

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GSWF 10...72,5 (12 - 72,5kV) Outdoor current transformers, support type current transformers. The cast resin insulation made of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin has excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics. The transformer complies with VDE and IEC standards. Cores and secondary windings are encapsulated under vacuum in a one step process. The flange is made of hot galvanised steel, all other elements are made of stainless steel. A primary reconnection 1:2 can be implemented (up to 2 x 600 A).

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GSWF 10...72,5 (12 - 72,5KV) Outdoor current transformers , Support type are cast resin insulated. All primary connections are made of nickel-plated copper. Other materials or connection types on customer request.

Type D: direct connection.

Type H: horizontal flat connection with one hole (up to 600 A) or two holes (up to 1500 A).

Type R: horizontal round connection.

The terminal box is part of the casted resin body, there are ventilation openings on the underside of the terminal box. The terminal box meets the requirements of IP44 (IP55 optional).

The secondary connections are nickel-plated and fitted with M6 screws.

Additional Information

Outdoor Application Yes
Disign Support Type
MV Instrument Transformer Yes
MV Protection Transformer Yes
Primary Reconectable Yes
Ambient Temperature -5°C ... +40°C Yes
Overlaod Capability ext. 120% Yes
Declaration of Conformity Yes
Mounting Position up right Yes
Cast Resin Insolation Yes
Insulating Material Class E (120°C) Yes
Place of Manufacture Made in Austria

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