RKU 2012 Indoor current transformer split-core type current transformer

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RKU 2012; Indoor split-core type current transformer for earth fault detection on fully insulated cables of any voltage.
for cable up to Ø 120mm. 
Primary current 30 ... 3600 A,
Secondary current 1 or 5A.

For Indoor application RKU 2012. The two core segments are cast in brown resin. The core interfaces are lapped, creating a perfect magnetic connection. To ensure reliable detection of the magnetic field of the small residual earth-fault active currents, the secondary winding is distributed on both transformer segments and connected together at the factory. Mounting in any position.

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RKU 2012; Indoor split-core type current transformer for earth fault detection on fully insulated cables of any voltage.
These split core current transformers are used for the detection of small earth active currents. The installation can be retrofitted around already installed cables with mounted fittings. All three conductors of the cable are enclosed together. The ground wire is fed back to the cable within the transformers passage. As a result of the cable insulation, the transformer is independent of the operating voltage (application mainly for Um 12 kV to Um 36 kV).

possible design Options:
Inner Ø 120 mm for cables up to Ø 120mm 

Size 1 : W/H/D: 200 / 219 / 77 mm*
Size 2 : W/H/D: 200 / 219 / 112 mm*
*(incl. terminal cover)

Standard accessories:
1 transparent terminal cover,
2 Mounting feet

Non-standard accessory:
1 Wall mounted bracket

Additional Information

Indoor Application Yes
Single Phase Yes
LV Instrument Transformer Yes
LV Protection Transformer Yes
Earth-Fault Detection Yes
Ambient Temperature -5°C ... +40°C Yes
Declaration of Conformity Yes
Cast Resin Insolation Yes
Insulating Material Class E (120°C) Yes
Mounting Position any position
Place of Manufacture Made in Austria
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