GSR 27 | 38  Voltage Sensor

GSR 27 | 38 Voltage Sensor

Product Code: 320

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Quick Overview

GSR 27 / 38 Voltage sensor for indoor and outdoor use up to 40.5 KV.
The voltage sensor GSR is based on the principle of an ohmic voltage divider and is mainly used as a signal transmitter for electronic signalling and protection devices in medium voltage electrical networks. The insulator housing is fully encapsulated with a cycloaliphatic resin for outdoor application. The active part consists of a high voltage resistant high voltage resistor and a precision low voltage resistor.
An essential advantage of this light compact arrangement is the reproduction of a linear and saturation-free transmission behaviour in the entire voltage range.
Ferroresonance phenomena are excluded due to the design without ferromagnetic material.
Specification: see data sheet enclosed.