EGIW x85 Electronic Voltage Transformer

EGIW x85 Electronic Voltage Transformer

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Quick Overview

EGIW x85 electronic voltage transformer EGIW x85 measures direct, alternating and mixed voltages for e.g. motor management, power quality analysis and protection purposes. Its area of application are medium voltage installations which require galvanic isolation between the primary and secondary voltage. The EGIW x85 is an alternative to conventional voltage transformers once the primary voltage contains DC components and/or higher frequencies.
Available Versions
EGIW 985 with GSER 16, up to 36 kV
EGIW 1085 with GSER 52, up to 72,5 kV
EGIW 1185 with GSER 3, up to 6 kV
EGIW 1285 with GBERA 12…36, up to 36 kV

Size (L x W x H, electronics) 175 x 80 x 57 mm
Weight (electronics) approx. 750 g

For further Information pls. see Data sheet encl.

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